Welcome to the Taigalantern website!

Restaurants and other public spaces have been using the Taigalantern for years and finally it´s available for homeuse.
A unique product that creates a live flame just like a candle but does it in a safe and clean way. The mineraloil the lantern uses to create the flame, evaporates from all surfaces without a trace in case of a spill.
The Taigalantern is unique for it´s safety, if the lantern tips over, the decorativesleeve covering the oilcell puts out the flame immediately.
Therefor providing a clean and a safe way to enjoy the ambiance of a live flame in your own home. Especially at homes that have children or pets.

The lantern includes a base, a protective- / decosleeve, a mineraloil-cell and a glass. The oilcell burns for about 35-40 hours.
You can use different kinds of bases, decosleeves and glasses to create your very own Taigalantern.

You can find the Taigalantern in various department stores in Finland, like Prisma, K-Citymarket and Kodin-1.
In Estonia you can find the Taigalantern at Koduekstra.
You can also find them in our own webstore at : www.taigaputiikki.fi.